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Health Information Technology - Medical Coding & Billing Specialist (CIP 51.0707)

Please Note:  Program changes effective Fall 2017-2018. Please see your advisor if working off of an older catalog.

Program Description

The Health Information Technology program prepares you for a job as a health information professional or technician. Health Information Technology student sits at a desk in a computer lab with a text book open in front of her.These technicians are responsible for the organization of a patient’s medical record, which begins with verifying that a patient’s initial medical charts are complete. Then, all this information must be entered into a computer. Additionally, health information professionals must regularly communicate with physicians to ensure accuracy, clarify diagnoses and obtain any supplementary information needed to update a patient’s file. Health information professionals can find employment in hospitals, doctors’ offices, law firms and insurance companies. Because of the nature of the work, technicians often have the opportunity to work from home.

Will I be suited for this type of work?

Health information technicians should be organized and detailed oriented, as well as somewhat computer savvy.

How long does it take to complete the program?

This is a two-year program culminating in an Associate in Applied Science Degree.

Can I complete this program online?

Ninety percent of the class work for the Health Information Technology program at RCC is completed through online courses. You also receive 96 hours of clinical experience working onsite at local medical facilities.

Can I advance to a higher degree?

Yes, after obtaining your associate degree from RCC, you can pursue a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree.

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