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Online Classes & Programs at Richmond Community College

We often find that students choose Richmond Community College to to start or finish their education because our programs are concentrated and flexible to their schedule. Whether you’re in high school, working 9 to 5 or a stay-at-home mom or dad, we offer plenty of online classes and distance learning resources in North Carolina and states across the US.

If you’re interested in taking distance learning courses at RCC, familiarize yourself with the RCC Resource & Support Manual for Distance Learners. To enroll in an online class, you must:

  • Have access to fast and reliable Internet.
  • Check your RCC student email daily.
  • Complete the student Moodle tutorials on the Moodle homepage.

RCC is proud to be a member of the Southern Regional Education Board’s Electronic Campus, making our online programs available to students in North Carolina and other states.

Students can find more information about our distance learning at Richmond Community College on our Distance Learning Student Resources Page or by emailing the Director of Distance Learning.

Learn More About RCC’s GED Online Program

RCC’s GED Online program is designed to fit the needs of students who are unable to attend a traditional class. Classes are open to students 18 years and older, as well as 16 or 17 year olds who submit additional forms for GED testing. Students enrolled in GED Online are required to do all testing in person.

GED Online is a five-part series of courses covering the five basic parts of the GED examination. It includes language/writing, math, science, social studies and literature/fine arts. The online courses include tutorials, applications and mastery tests, and materials and teacher support are free to enrolled students.

To enter the GED Online program at Richmond Community College in Hamlet and Laurinburg, NC, students must attend and complete an assessment/orientation session. An online pretest is required before beginning each study segment, which will result in an online study plan for the student. The pre-test is the only portion that cannot be retaken. Once you have taken the pretest, it will give you a grade and course of study needed to complete the segment. All assignments listed from the pretest must be completed before moving on to the next segment.

Go through our online orientation today and get your GED Online program started! Feel free to contact us or Lenae Thompson, Coordinator of College and Career Readiness and Workforce and Economic Development, at or (910) 410-1773.

Richmond Community College offers many programs for students, including distance learning and GED online, in Hamlet and Laurinburg, NC, to help adults of all ages start or finish their education and get ahead in their career.