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Industrial Systems Technology (A50240)

The Industrial Systems Technology curriculum is designed to prepare or upgrade individuals to safely service, maintain, repair, or install equipment. Instruction includes theory and skill training needed for inspecting, testing, troubleshooting, and diagnosing industrial systems.

Students will learn multi-craft technical skills in blueprint reading, mechanical systems maintenance, electricity, hydraulics/pneumatics, welding, machining or fabrication, and includes various diagnostic and repair procedures. Practical application in these industrial systems will be emphasized and additional advanced course work may be offered.

Upon completion of this curriculum, graduates should be able to individually, or with a team, safely install, inspect, diagnose, repair, and maintain industrial process and support equipment. Students will also be encouraged to develop their skills as life-long learners.

Industrial Systems Technology (Day) Semester Schedule

First Year - Fall Semester

ACA 122 College Transfer Success Credits: 1
CIS 110 Intoduction to Computers Credits: 3
ELC 112 DC/AC Electricity Credits: 5
ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry Credits: 3
MAT 143 Quantitative Literacy Credits: 3
    Credits: 15

First Year - Spring Semester

BPR 111 Print Reading Credits: 2
ELC 125 Diagrams and Schematics Credits: 2
COM 231 Public Speaking Credits: 3
ENG 112 Writing/Research in the Disciplines Credits: 3
ELN 229 Industrial Electronics  Credits: 4
HYD 110 Hydraulics/Pneumatics I Credits: 3
ISC 112 Industrials Safety Credits: 2
  Humanities/Fine Arts Elective* Credits: 3
    Credits: 19

Second Year - Fall Semester

ELC 120 Introduction to Wiring Credits: 3
HYD 180 Fluid Power in Automation Credits: 3
MEC 111 Machine Processes I Credits: 3
MEC 130 Mechanisms Credits: 3
MNT 230 Pumps & Piping Systems Credits: 2
WLD 112 Basic Welding Processes Credits: 2
    Credits: 16

Second Year - Spring Semester

ELC 117 Motors and Controls Credits: 4
ELC 128 Introduction to PLC Credits: 3
MAC 114 Introduction to Metrology Credits: 2
MNT 110 Intro to Maintenance Procedures Credits: 2
MNT 240 Industrial Equipment Troubleshooting Credits: 2
  Social/Behavioral Sciences Elective* Credits: 3
    Credits: 16