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Career & College Promise

At Richmond Community College, we believe in starting college early! Through our Career and College Promise program, we offer an option for high school age students to begin earning college credit while still in high school. Plus, students who successfully complete two dual enrollment courses while in high school and graduate with an unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher position themselves for two years free tuition at RichmondCC through the RichmondCC Guarantee.

Dual Enrollment

Richmond Community College’s dual enrollment program, Career and College Promise (CCP), is open to high school age students upon completion of their 10th grade year.
To enroll in the dual enrollment program, students must complete a Richmond Community College student application, as well as pass portions of a placement test to take certain classes. Some standardized test scores may also be used in place of the placement test.
Students taking dual enrollment courses work with their high school counselor and RichmondCC representative to determine which course(s) they are interested in. They have the option of courses in RichmondCC’s certificate, diploma and degree programs, as well as courses to transfer to a four-year college or university.

Dually Enrolled
Public School

Dually Enrolled
Private School

Dually Enrolled
Home School

Early College
Tuition Waived Waived Waived Waived
Fees Waived Waived Waived Paid by School
Textbooks Paid by School Not Included Not Included Paid by School
*As of 2015-16 school year, subject to change                                                                                                                                                                        

1. College Transfer Pathways

The ‎College Transfer Pathways are designed for high school juniors and seniors who wish to begin the pathway towards a baccalaureate degree. All college credits will transfer seamlessly to any public or participating private college or university.

Do I qualify for the College Transfer Pathway?

Steps to Enrollment for College Transfer Pathway

2. Career & Technical Education Pathways

The Career and Technical Education Pathways are programs of study to provide expanded opportunities for eligible high school students to participate in career and technical education tuition free courses and to expose students to a variety of high-skill career options. Pathways include:

For additional information, contact:
Kary Edmondson (910) 410-1928
Leighton Bell (910) 410-1775
Crystal Collins (910) 277-3964
Brent Ritter (910) 410-1762

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